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Are There Any Benefits to Quick Loans?

The benefits of quick cash loans are more obvious – they’re great for people who are employed but just need a quick cash injection for an unexpected expense. Very often people with poor credit histories use quick loans as they may not be able to get credit from their own bank. The lender is prepared to take the risk of someone with a less-than-unblemished credit history because they apply a higher-than-usual interest rate – that’s the deal. Here are some of the other benefits of a quick loan.

Loan application process can be very quick indeed

If you use an online credit provider like Moola you could have your money in under an hour. The application is very easy on your side, with the creditor performing all the background checks and if you can use a digital signature or your bank accepts Faster Payments you could be up-and-running in minutes.

It’s help in an emergency

If you can’t ask friends or family for help, or you want discretion, then a quick loan is ideal, especially if you need it for a one-off short-term emergency like a broken tooth or unexpected repairs to a vital household appliance. You know you can afford to pay the amount back in a month or two, but you really need the help now. Remember those loan interest rates, though! It’s not a long-term solution.

There are often no application fees

It doesn’t cost anything to apply, but you may have to pay an establishment fee and maybe a surcharge if your credit history isn’t great (not awful, but not great either). If you don’t mind paying a little over the odds to get a new washing machine, then you’re good to go.

A quick loan can be a great way to boost your credit rating

If you take out a small loan and you pay it off promptly, then you’ll get a big tick from the credit agencies and this can be a good way to repair a patchy credit history as well as your painful tooth!

Quick loans aren’t always a good idea, though

They should only be used in unusual time-limited circumstances – a car or appliance breakdown loans, a medical loan or dental expense loans or a problem with late wages that’s resolvable are all good examples. If you’re thinking about a quick loan just to meet your living expenses then you need help from a money advice service.

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What You Need

Be connected
You must have a cell phone, email address and computer access as we’re a 100% online loan provider.
Be employed
You must be in ongoing employment and not bankrupt. We don’t lend to self-employed or beneficiaries.
Have a bank account
You must have an active bank account where your pay gets credited into on regular paydays.
You must also be over 18 and pass our employment checks along with other standard criteria here.

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