We make borrowing cash simple and fast.
It takes just five minutes to apply.

60 minute guarantee

Moola guarantees to deposit the money within 60 minutes of approval:
It is easy to throw words like ‘fast’ and ‘quick’ around, but here at Moola we deliver on our promises. When we say that we’ll have the money in your account within 60 minutes of approval, we mean it. Too often companies make promises they can’t keep. Not Moola.

We promise!

And we are willing to back that promise up. We guarantee to have the money in your bank within 60 minutes of approval and if we somehow stuff up and break that promise then we will deduct the application fee from the loan schedule. We know that you need the money fast and this is why we back up our service with a meaningful guarantee.

A few things to remember:
Our system is state of the art but some banks might struggle to match our pace. Most of the major banks can handle our lightning fast cash transfers but some of the smaller banks may not be able to keep up.

If you have an account with one of the major banks then our promise holds, but if it is your bank and not us slowing down the payment then the fault is not with us. Check here to see if your bank can catch our fast ball.

Backing up our promise:
If you feel that we have failed to meet this promise then contact us on 0800 003 011 and we will check it out. If we were at fault (and not you or your bank) then we will deduct the application fee from the loan schedule.