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Since the global financial crises more and more people have been struggling to make ends meet. While everything has increased in cost, wages haven’t kept pace. This growing gap has made life more difficult for many New Zealanders.

We understand this problem and we want to help everyday Kiwis with temporary cash flow problems. However, our service shouldn’t be used to manage existing debt or as a regular source of ongoing credit. If you are already struggling with your finances then a Moola loan might just add to your problems as you will need to pay it back within 170 days. It is important to us that our customers use our loans in the correct way and don’t simply dig themselves deeper into debt.

Coming from a finance company this may be a surprise, but we don’t want our customers missing repayments, it is far better for us and for our customers if they are made on time. It is important to us that our customers manage their debt properly, we don’t want to see anyone get in a financial trouble. If you are struggling with debt then an online loan mightn’t be the right credit option for you. For more help with your finances please contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau or go to sorted.org.nz

Debt Problems and Debt Management

Anyone can get into debt, whether they’re on a benefit or they’re earning 80K, the problem is the same no matter how much you earn, people living beyond their means. It is actually quite simple to stay out of debt, there is one golden rule: spend less than you earn. That’s it. There are no secret rules or special guides.

Obviously this is easier said than done, staying on budget is incredibly hard, especially when life throws unexpected costs at us and simply getting by day to day is increasingly expensive. Being in debt is worse though, it is stressful and once you are in debt, it can be difficult to get out of it.

If you are in debt you need to work out a realistic budget. Budgeting is like dieting, a crash budget, like a crash diet, is doomed to fail. Make sensible cuts, ones that you can live with. If your budget is too severe then you are bound to fail. With a realistic budget you are more likely to stick with it.

You should also talk with your creditors, depending on the lender and the type of credit, you might be able to extend the loan period, reduce your payments, suspend repayments for a short period, or even repay the loan early. Anything you can do to better manage your debt will ease the stress on you and your finances.

Get help from independent or government agencies, like sorted.org.nz. They are there to help and have all the right expertise and experience needed to guide you.